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Over the past six years I have devoted myself entirely to photography. Exploring and adopting several different styles of this art form, I use photography as a means to document the world around me, express my feelings and celebrate the everyday life.

As an artist with an eye for detail, I seek to lead towards a deeper view of my subjects at hand. My intention is to draw viewers’ attention in to the here and now. I do this by focusing on the insignificant, those little things one passes every day without noticing. Capturing and highlighting these elements, I hope to make viewers understand what one should not take for granted. As a documentary photographer, I capture such elements in our society, and question them morally.

My recent work is characterised by the genres of documentary, street and fine arts photography. By using 35mm analog film, one must always be focused, fast and ready to capture the decisive moments. The colour analog photographs allow me to stay true to my images, meaning, they are in no way manipulated in the post-production. My primary inspiration for my work is people interacting with one another, their environment and the surroundings themselves. My goal is to make people think and question their environment and understand the importance of today’s values that might seem insignificant on a daily basis.

This time, having the opportunity to immerse myself into the ambience of Iseo lake, my aim was to explore the connection between local people and the lake itself. Through my own point of view, I intended to look into how the lake shapes and reflects on local communities and the neighbourhood in the space of time.

The idea for this project began since my first visit discovering Iseo lake. Seeing strangers being so united, kind and acting as one, made me fall in love with love, if one could say. Not only people themselves, but the way life goes constantly on between them and the lake. The surroundings are always busy. Coming with my own perspective and wish to explore the details of the place, I have decided to dedicate this project examining the reflections of Iseo lake and people surrounding it.

While working on this project, not only I have deepened my connection with the local traditions, celebrations, food, landscapes and met so many wonderful personas, but I have also better understood how life goes around Iseo lake and how much the lake itself unites all people around it. I came across many occasions, when the lake water was used daily in one way or the other and allowed people a lot of opportunities to run their businesses, enjoy the landscape, have fun and take care of their everyday lives. The process of selecting the final images was incredibly difficult because every photograph seemed to be an important little piece that portrays the of idea and meaning of Reflections project. For this reason, I wish for the viewers to look at the photographs as a whole. I believe that Reflections project will make people stop for a second, examine the details of everyday and become a beautiful reminder for everyone what is worth saving and cherishing.

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